Quality Manufacturing, Sales & Service of Cutting Tools and Blades

                    May 12, 2014: Dinosaw, Inc. receives SBA Small Business Excellence Award.
                           Hank and Gregg Warchol and Allison Warchol-Coon were honored along with 18 other capital area
       and North Country business owners at a luncheon hosted by the Small Business Administration
       of Albany. Click Here for for more information. A formal press release will be submitted
       in the next few days.
Dinosaw, Inc. has been a leader in cutting tool sales, sharpening and repair for over 45 years.
Innovation, Experience and Exceptional Service has been our history and continues to this day.
Selling the best name brand cutting tools and offering Custom Manufacturing here in the USA.
Sharpening, Retipping and Repair of your Router Bits, Saw Blades, Knives and other Cutting Tools improves the life of your tools and saves you money. Now offering Sharpening and Retipping of PCD Diamond Tooling right here in the U.S.

Custom Manufacture & Design
Hard to find Dimensions or Specs on C/T Saw Blades, Router Bits, CNC Bits, Bandsaw Blades, Profile Knives and Inserts
Custom Moulder & Shaper Heads
Profile Cutters, Shaper Cutters, Replaceable Inserts
Sharpening & Retipping
Carbide, Steel and HSS Saw Blades, Router Bits, Industrial Knives
Custom Profile Knives & Inserts
Williams & Hussey, Corrugated Back & Smooth Knives
    PCD Diamond Sales and Service
    Dinosaw Services Everything We Sell!
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